on the mountain

On the mountain of the Lord, it will be provided.” Genesis 22:14


Faith is crazy. I feel like we so often know the definition – but when it comes down to truly grasping its depth and truth in real life; it’s pretty mind blowing. I actually wrote a post about this very thing a few months ago on this site. I don’t think I knew what I was saying then.

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Just A Reminder.


Sometimes, I need a slap in the face by God.

Like, for real.

I’ve noticed my perspective on life, people and myself becoming very narrow-minded. I haven’t been thinking in terms of the big picture as much, and much more than that my view on things has taken more of a negative turn. I know this isn’t who I am, because God has given me a life of joy despite circumstances around me. So I prayed, sitting here in the airport, and started to read Ragamuffin Gospel and I am reminded of God’s absolutely incredible love for me.

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Fear vs Promises

It seems that there is something growing from the depths of our hearts, as we see the tragedies and horrors that fill up news headlines. We watch as newscasters tally up the deaths in real time, we watch as sons and daughters are killed. Death, it seems, is not on holiday. And Fear, she grows in our hearts like a weed that is choking our joy. But Fear has no right to our hearts.

An Unlikely Soldier


I am a BIG Lord of the Rings nerd. (and The Hobbit too… yes, I also thought The Hobbit sequel was amazing). Not just because I can relate to the hobbit’s experiences as short people, but because it combines ALL of my favorite little and big things: noble battles, fighting for love, everlasting friendships, embarking on an incredible journey, and of course, second breakfast.

But the journey that these hobbits embark on is not just full of good things. Their journey is incredibly difficult, requires a lot of sacrifice, humility, and pushing past things way bigger than them (most of the time, literally).

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I really love to read. In this season of life I’m in, it’s not as easy to get through a book, no matter how much I love it. But I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that I’m such a skimmer! I’ve always been proud that I can read fast…which, I can. But there are times I definitely let my eyes kind of skip over some words here or there, and it’s never bothered me because I usually get the gist. Most times, it’s really not a big deal.

Except when it is. It doesn’t really work the same with God. Like on the days where I’m feeling like, “God, where’s the disconnect? I know you want to talk to me. And I want to hear from you. I’m doing all the right things. Where ya at?”

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When In Droubt


I am addicted to water. I often get so thirsty that I can’t think, can’t focus, and my body starts to react. My mouth gets really dry and my head starts to pound and right then and there, I know instantly what the cure is. Water.

This, to me, very tangibly relates to my relationship with God. My lifestyle is a testimony of my thirst. I get addicted to the Bible and could pray for hours without hesitation. The more I drink from the smooth and life giving words, the more I crave it and the more I live from it.

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